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Silk Road Webinar: Russian ban lifted

Russia has lifted the ban on transit traffic for a range of European products per train and truck. This includes agricultural products and foodstuffs. The measure is effective per 1 July, subjective to certain conditions. The decision is considered a major breakthrough for Eurasian rail freight traffic.

On the 19th of July will organise the RailFreight Webinar: Russian Ban Lifted. The webinar takes place at 11.00 CEST, discussing the consequences of these measures for your Silk Road supply chain. 

Although the rules have been in effect for more than a week, the response from the market has been hesitant. There is still a lot of confusion among companies as to how the conditions should be met, or if the measures are really adopted.

The implementation of the rules remains ambiguous, but what is certain is that it will lead to a breakthrough. Apart from fish, there are many food products in demand on the Chinese market. China lacks meat products as beef and pork, as well as wine and beers, dairy, or other food products. Flowers from the Netherlands are another popular import product, all of which were banned for transit through Russia.

Presentation by
Majorie van Leijen - Editor (moderator)

Sebastiaan Bennink - Wladimiroff Lawyers
​Xinyao Zhan - GVT Intermodal
Oscar Vermeij - New Silkway Logistics
Ton van den Hanenberg - University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam

Experts on the table will discuss what these developments mean for your business, for Eurasian rail freight and for the logistics industry at large.

If you have any questions upfront, please let us know.

​The webinar is free to attend.

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