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RailFreight Live Road Trip Poland

We are on a road trip in Lodz, and we would like to take you with us. Join our webinar called RailFreight Live, road trip to Lodz on Friday 16 July.

This Friday 16 July, RailFreight Live takes place in the form of a webinar, to dedicate special attention to the RailFreight Summit Poland. This event takes place on 1 & 2 September 2021 in the city of Lodz. We are there this week to take a sneak preview. 

Apart from taking a look at the event venue, we meet with Anna Mideira, CEO of the Airport of Lodz and Marcin Czachorowski from Contargo. Both will be speaking at the event, and give us a preview of what we can expect. At the airport of Lodz, we get a sneak preview of the site tour to the logistics hub in the making. 

In the studio we also have several guests. The deputy mayor of Lodz, Adam Pustelnik, explains why the city is located in the best position to service intermodal traffic in the CEE region, and between Europe and China. To begin with, the city is exactly in the middle of the country, he explains. Other speakers follow soon.
Presentation by
Majorie van Leijen

Anna Mideira, CEO of the Airport of Lodz
Marcin Czachorowski, Head of Business Development, Contargo
Adam Pustelnik, Deputy Mayor of Lodz
Milosz Witkowski, Railfreight Product Manager & Sales Specialist, IFB 
Wojciech Grzesiok, Business Development Director, TransContainer Europe GmbH
1 hour

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